Julius Thomsens Gade 12
1632 København V
T. (+45) 2510 2733

Tuesday-saturday from 17.30-24.00
Lunch, friday and saturday
from 12.00-15.00

Per Grube grows more than 300 different sorts of grain on his fields and most of them are selected from the Nordic Gene Bank. We work at new ways of using the old types of grain. The flour from Mørdrupgård is the foundation for our daily bread production.

The orchards at Lillø
The fruit growers Henrik Saunte, Hans Lund Hansen and Peter Jørgen Larsen (who also manages Claus Meyer’s orchards at Vigmosegaard) grows more than 40 different sorts of plums, pears, apples and quinces. Peter delivers the ripe fruits several times a week and he often brings wild herbs for us. Fruit is a part of our food and alcohol free drinking menus.

Nordhavn vinegar brewery
Every year vinegar brewer Andreas Harder produces more than 10 different types of vinegars based on Nordic crops. Among those are the fruits from Lillø, Per Grubes grains, cherries from Lolland, blackcurrants from the south of Fun and rosehips from Amager, Copenhagen. Some of the vinegars we use when they are completely fresh, others we use when they have gone through a complicated storing process.

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