These are indeed challenging and unknown times. Due to the Corona virus, Denmark is in lockdown and that means RADIO are closed down until May 10th. In the meantime, it is possible to book a table.


Until then, we have changed our businesses into take away. This means that you can order take away – you can see the menu here. 


Take away food is ordered the old-fashioned way by mail and by phone +45 25102733
We will answer both phone and e-mail between 13 pm and 19.30 pm. The food can be picked up in the period 17-20 Tuesday-Sunday!


We assure you that RADIO is following all government’s rules and regulations reg. COVID 19.


Don’t hesitate to contact us here, if you have other questions, and follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates.


We wish for everyone to get through this unusual period the best way possible,