Jerusalem artichokes with cheese sauce


Dear friends,

Here is the recipe for Jerusalem artichokes with cheese sauce that many of your guests have asked for:

First you clean the Jerusalem artichokes with a hard brush, that enables you to get in to all the small cracks where the dirt is. You shouldn’t peel them, because it is the skin that makes them crunchy and chewy during cooking.

At RADIO we use Jerusalem artichokes without tubers, because they are easier to clean. If you buy Jerusalem artichokes with tubers, you can either cut them off or use more time on cleaning. But it is important that you do not remove too much of the skin.

After that, you take the cleaned Jerusalem artichokes, add neutral oil and plenty of flake salt.

Following, you put them on a jelly roll pan. They need enough space to lay in only one layer.
Start by giving them 15 minutes in a 225-degree oven.
Then 15 minutes again at 225 degrees.
Turn the oven down to 140 degrees. They now need 60-90 minutes at that temperature, where you stir every 15 minutes in order for them to be baked at all sides.


Serve them hot with this delicious cheese sauce:

The cheese sauce is made by taking 1 part cheese and 2 parts of water.
The cheese needs to be a firm, yellow cheese with no rind.
Melt the cheese and water in a saucepan. When the cheese has melted, you have to strain the liquid, since there will be parts of the cheese that cannot dissolve fully.
Whip butter into the cheese water and season the sauce as you please.

Voila then you have baked Jerusalem artichokes with cheese sauce.


(On the video Rune adds Jerusalem artichokes and spruce)