Look forward to those Jerusalem artichokes

When we started RADIO six years ago together with Jesper and Rasmus, the inspiration was the Italian enotecas, where they focused their energy on getting interesting produce and delicious wines – not on branding themselves.

We wanted to develop something as unusual as a ’silent restaurant’, where the menu changed every three-four weeks and spoke for itself. The kitchen should be vegetable forward and focusing on the season. The menu should be limited, in order for us to deliver an outstanding food experience at the lowest price possible. Of course, such a strategy demands great competences both on the floor and in the kitchen. Through the years many of our guests have asked for recipes or just explanations for the nuances in what they have eaten.

Rune and the kitchen have been thinking about that the last couple of months and reached the conclusion, that it is something we should try to accommodate.
Already next weekend the first post will be on our blog. Here you will be able to see how the RADIO team makes their longtime baked, crunchy, chewy Jerusalem artichokes with a super simple, foaming cheese sauce perfumed with spruce.

Regards, Claus