The catfish is with its terrifying head one of our ugliest cats. It has a long body with a big head and powerful jaw muscles. It uses its jaws and many, big teeth to crush shellfish like mussels, crabs and lobster. It is often grey or grey-brown, and you can make fish leather of its skin. However, we do not do that at RADIO.

Ugly cat

Despite it being the world’s ugliest cat, the catfish is a delicate fish with firm, white, and tasty meet and boneless filets. At RADIO we prefer only a light cooking to make the flavors really stand out.
A catfish grows to about 125 centimeters long and 20 kilos. It lives from shallow waters to about 400 meters of depth. The catfish can be caught all year around, but the majority is caught from February to July.
It is a semi-rich fish containing much iodine, selenium, vitamin E and omega-3.