European plaice

In Denmark when you mention European plaice a specific dish comes to our minds: a fried fish filet with a good portion of our national dipping: remoulade. However, it is a shame thinking the European plaice is only good for deep frying. At RADIO we love to use this fish because it has good, firm meat with a lovely taste.

The European plaice is flat and twisted to the right. This means that the left eye is also on its right side, and the mouth twisted. You should not judge it by its look. It lives at a depth of 250 meters with a sandy top level. At day it hides in the sand, and at night it is searching for bristle worms and mussels to eat. The European plaice spawns from January to April, where it can lay up to 500.000 eggs, that hatches in 1-2 weeks.

It is a lean fish, rich on iodine and selenium.