The mackerel is good for so much more than swimming around in a can of tomato sauce! At RADIO we like to both grill and bake the mackerel to enjoy its lovely taste.

The mackerel is a common fish in the Danish waters. It is a wandering fish and arrives in Denmark in spring to spawn. The eggs drifts around in the surface where they are hatched after a week. The mackerel has beautiful green-blue colors, grow fast and can reach an age of 20 years. As little, the mackerel lives of plankton and as it gets older, it also eats crustacean, sprat, herring, and cod. The mackerel lives and hunts in big steams, and, due to its very hydrodynamic shape, has an impressive speed.

The mackerel is rich on iodine, selenium, and a high level of vitamin A, D, and B12. It is a semi-rich fish filled with omega-3.