The monkfish is probably one of the world’s ugliest fish, but to us at RADIO it’s the inside that counts, and the monkfish is quality meat with a firm texture and strong flavor.
It is only meat from the monkfish’s tale and powerful jaws we eat, but at RADIO we as well use the remaining parts to make a lovely fish fond where the significant flavor really stands out.

A lazy fish

The monkfish only lives on the bottom of the sea at a depth of 600 meters and primarily in the North Sea. It is a predator that has a rather lazy but clever way of hunting. It just lays totally still and uses its front dorsal fin as a lure to catch small fish. It then opens is gigantic mouth and uses vacuum to suck in its defenseless prey.
It is a very lean fish, which is why we at RADIO like to add some fat to the courses with monkfish.