A trout is not just a trout and in Denmark we have three different kinds. They all live their first years in the Danish lakes in fresh water, yet after a few years some wander off to the oceans. Those that wander off becomes brown trouts. The majority wanders off which is why you can catch brown trouts from almost every coast in Denmark.

Add a bit of acid

The best time to catch brown trouts is in the spring, when they are leaving the lakes where they have been spawning over winter and wander to the ocean. Another good time to catch them is in the fall when they wander to the lakes to spawn over 10.000 eggs in only a few days in the freshwater.

The brown trout is rich in vitamin A and B12, iodine, selenium, and calcium. It is a rich fish, where we at RADIO like to add some acid to create a balance in the dish.