The turbot is a really ugly fish. It’s almost round and has several quills on its upper side. You shouldn’t judge a fish by its look, because the turbot is nice to eat. The meet is firm, white and easy to separate from the bones. It can get up to 13 kilos and reach a diameter of 100 centimeter. Due to its size and good meet quality, the turbot is one of our favorite fish at RADIO.

Where is it?

The turbot is left turned, meaning that its eyes are on the left side of its mouth, if you look straight at it. It is tremendously good at camouflaging itself, and even on a short distance it can be impossible to spot.

The turbot lives on a sandy bottom up to 70 meters of depth, where it hunts other fish. When the females spawn in spring and summer it lays up to 15 million eggs.

The turbot is a semi-rich fish and contains plenty of omega-3 and selenium.