One of Denmark’s probably most common vegetables, and in fact you can hive fresh pores up from the ground all the way from September to April. The leeks that you can pick up at the start of the season are long and have a very nice taste, which you can easily cut and use in a salad. When the winter knocks on the door with cold and snow, it’s the shorter and more rough pears that are in season. Common to both is that they are filled with C vitamins.

At RADIO, we are happy that the season is so long, because it is an inevitable ingredient in our soup with celery, carrots and onions. When we are on the menu, we not only use the lower white part. We use the top to make a green porridge oil. That way we get the maximum out of the green plant.

It’s easy to grow leeks. You must sprout in late March and plant them when the night frost is over and there is rain on the ground so the soil is loose and moist. Initially, the plants do not grow much, but in the autumn it is very strong. If you want to keep your winter paws in the soil, make sure to cover them so that they can withstand cold and snow.