If you want to suck up to us at RADIO, you could try with a nice and shiny apple. Like the majority, the apple is one of our favorite fruits. It is not quite fair talking about the apple as being one category, because there are a lot of different sorts, which are good in their own special way. Sweet, acidic, red, yellow, green, early ripe or good in February – the apple meets many criteria.

At RADIO we get all our apples from our own little backyard at Lilleø (meaning Little island). Here they cultivate many different sorts. It is also from these apples we make the base for our juices, which we each month create for our menu.

The round yet acidic flavor is perfect at enhancing the flavor of the other produce, which is why we use the apples not only in desserts but also in cold and hot servings.

The apple, produces ethylene, which is why you should not place apples together with fruit and vegetables sensitive to this – e.g. tomatoes, carrots, and salat.