The first sweet strawberries – summer is here! In June when the first red berries are ripe we always make sure to have a can with cream in the refrigerator in order for us to have this delicious combination on a daily basis. At RADIO we use strawberries in our food but also in our juices, which we make every month to match the menu. That way we can use the delicious berries in great many ways.

Even though the strawberry is in season from June to August, we like to use it in winter as well. We ferment the fresh berries to use their sweetness and delicious taste outside the season.

The fake fruit

Did you know that the strawberry actually is a nut – or a collection of nuts? The red and juicy parts is technically a swollen fruit base with small brown nuts on it. However, one thing is theory another practice, and at RADIO we call it a berry, use it as a berry regardless it being a nut or not.