Long-lasting, massive and cheap vegetable. At RADIO, the celeriac has always been on the menu in the fall and winter months because they taste both sweet, bitter and umami. It has a lot of cooking options – as late as last month we had a rehydrated celery on the menu. The big tubs you find in the supermarkets are really good in hot dishes, as it comes with sweetness and umamism. A spice of celery can be used freshly and finely in a salad where it gives a sharp and more bitter taste.

The celeriac can be harvested all autumn and long in winter, but when the night frost really sets in, they must be taken out of the ground. If they stay in the ground or stored, they can actually stay well all the way to spring.

The celeriac has a slightly thick surface, which must be removed before cooking. We use a peel and not a knife to remove it. In this way we get more out of the tub and avoid unnecessary food waste.

It’s a bit of a challenge to grow celery yourself. You must provide nutritious and loose soil, as well as a place with as much sun as possible. You must sprout your planters from mid-March and plant in late May when there is no longer a risk of night frost.