Grown up men do cry – especially when it’s time for cutting onions. By its look with a dry and paper like skin and bad smell it shouldn’t be one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen, however it is. At RADIO we like to use the onion because it has great many ways of application and generally constitute a base in many of the elements used in our kitchen. As raw it has a sharp smell and crispy texture, while cooked it gets sweet and soft.

In Denmark the onion season is June to September, but the onion can, if stocked dry and cold, last up to a year after haven been harvested.

At RADIO it is not only the onion itself we use. We like to use the whole plant as well, like a spring onion. Then it has to be harvested before the onion is fully created. We like the fresh and sharp taste of the top, which is especially good in rich courses.