There is a Danish saying about the parsnip, which only can be translated badly, but the meaning is that you need to cut the neck of the parsnip. You say so, because the parsnip has a deep brim at the top at the transition from root to stem, which you need to chop of before use – thus cut the neck. It is actually from the brim you can tell which root is a parsnip and which is a parsley root, because the latter doesn’t have one.


The parsnip is a constant part of our kitchen at RADIO since we use the root to bring flavor to our soups and stocks, but also because it can be used in so many ways, like to other root crop. As raw the parsnip has a sharp taste, yet as worm it get sweeter and nuttier.

The first parsnips are ripe in September and because they can be stocked cold and dry, the season can last until April. The parsnip needs frost to develop its good taste, which is why we cultivate good parsnips in Denmark.