Pumpkins can be used as much more than decorating for Halloween. It is one of the autumn’s colorful and long-lasting vegetables. You will find many different kinds of pumpkins like hokkaido, plain orange pumpkin, butternut squash etc.

At RADIO we are happy to use pumpkins because they, in addition to bringing good colors to the plate, can also be used in many ways. We both baking, boiling, frying and pouring the regular fruit meat. We hope that more people will start using pumpkins at home for more than scary, bright heads, as it just tastes good and has a good creamy consistency.

Growing pumpkins is not very difficult. You sprout the plant in April and put it out in the middle of May when the wet frost is over. Remember good space, because the plants make several meters of stalks that twist around in your vegetable garden; but they make many pumpkins and beautiful yellow flowers.