The cod is a tough fish that only lives in cold waters. They leave the Danish waters during summer. Therefore, the season for catching Danish cod is from October to February where you can catch the fish both in the ocean and from the coasts.


It eats crabs

The cod meat is best from fall to spring, because it then is firmer and juicier. In the hotter months it eats more and thus gets looser. The cod eats everything from other fellow species to herring, shellfish, sprat, and the big cods can even eat crabs.

The cold breed in the spring, where the female can lay up to 9 million eggs, that hatch after 2-4 weeks. The males and females swim together during spawning, resulting in many eggs being fertilized.

The cod is a very lean fish with plenty of iodine and selenium. At RADIO we also use the cod’s liver and spawn which contain lots of fat, omega and lots of vitamins.