Patrick Godborg - Headchef at RADIO

"At RADIO, I don't cook for my ego, but for my guests."

That's what RADIO's chef, Patrick Godborg, says. We were lucky enough to have him join us at Frederiksberg in 2021. Patrick has won "Restaurant of the Year" as a chef at Babette in Vordingborg, earned a Michelin star at Kokkeriet in Copenhagen, and won several domestic chef competitions.

The above quote is fitting for the kitchen philosophy that Patrick practices at RADIO. Even though he still enjoys testing his skills in chef competitions, it's not about intricate dishes and avant-garde cooking that drives him in his daily work at RADIO.

Instead, he's motivated to follow the seasons as closely as possible and to create dynamic menus that deliver on taste and value for money. He's particularly motivated by leading a kitchen where there are ambitions, but at the same time, it's a pleasant place for everyone to be.

"Today, my focus is on creating a balanced kitchen. It's about good food following a good life and vice versa. In my opinion, a kitchen really shines when the food tastes great, and the employees are at their best."

Restaurant RADIO på Frederiksberg ligger vægt på sæsonernes grøntsager

Emil Maimann - Sous chef at RADIO

In the kitchen, Patrick is joined by sous chef Emil Maimann, who has been at RADIO since 2018 and therefore has our kitchen philosophy and relationship with RADIO's talented suppliers ingrained in him. Together with the changing seasons, they are the ones who keep the kitchen supplied and on its toes.

"In reality, we can't do much without nature and skilled farmers and producers. That's why I think it's important for the whole team to go out and see where our ingredients come from and how they are created. It gives us a sense of humility, and we need that."