RADIO is an unpretentious restaurant

At RADIO we have something at heart, which we try to show you through our courses. We are an informal restaurant situated in front of the old Radio House at Forum Copenhagen. Year around we use the best, seasonal ingredients so we can give you a gastronomic experience every time you come by.

We follow the seasons day by day. From the first rhubarbs in spring to the green peas in summer, to newly harvested chanterelles in fall and ending the season with the beautiful cabbages in winter. That is why we change the menu 12 times a year. The vegetables are our main focus when developing the monthly menu, and we always have at least on vegetarian dish. The vegetables have great many possibilities when it comes to flavor, texture and color combination, and that remains our constant source of inspiration when developing new dishes.

We do our best to ensure you having a good experience at RADIO, and we hope you will leave our restaurant feeling enriched, and at a price where you would want to come back soon again.


We are looking forward to seeing you.

Opening hours Tuesday-Saturday is 5.30-10.00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: The following opening hours are temporary, as there are requirements for restaurants to close at 22.00. This applies until 01 October so far.



  Michelin recommended in 2015 - 2019
 Part of White Guide 2019


Helleflynder - Drueagurk - Kefir 🐟 #restaurantradio #københavn #vesterbro #frederiksberg ...

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Stegt helleflynder klar til fond
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Så er det i morgen, at den grønne kærlighed topper når RADIO lægger hus til en gennemført vegetarisk festmiddag med fuld fart på farver og teksturer og inspiration til at gøre hverdagen lidt grønnere - uden at gå ned på smag!

Pris: 950 kr for 5 retter, 2 snacks, 2 petit fours og 5 glas naturvin

Du kan stadig nå at få billetter via. vores hjemmeside!
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To store producenter tilføjes i dag. Flere små cuvéer fra begge producenter, dog har vi valgt at fremhæve specielt to.

2016 Chambolle-Musigny fra Philippe Pacalet

2016 Les Chalasses Vieilles Vignes fra Jean Francois Ganevat


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A beautiful new season has begun, welcome Autumn!

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