Our menu changes 12 times a year, every time with dishes that have not been on the card before.


Three courses 350 kr.

Five courses 435 kr.



At lunch Friday and Saturday we serve a selection of the monthly menu for 115 kr., or the kitchen's choice of five course menu for 435 kr. 



Squid / Leek / Cress

Cod / Cabbage / Oyster

Pearl barley / Mushroom / Pine

Lamb / Salsify / Olives

Beetroot / Licorice / Blackcurrant

We think it is very important that what you drink suites the food. That is why our restaurant manager and the kitchen every month sit down to create wine- and juice menus that match our dishes.  

3 glasses of wine 275 kr.   //   5 glasses of wine 435 kr.

3 glasses of juice 120 kr.   //   5 glasses of juice 200 kr.

See our wine card here.   
Our wines have been specially selected. We have a wide selection of light wine with plenty of nuances and notes. We prefer wine makers who have a sustainable and ecological production. We have a distinct preference for the smaller farms where the wine makers have control over the whole production – from working in the fields to the sealed bottle. It is our experience that the greater engagement and passion a wine maker has, the better the taste of the wine will be. Our wine selection is primarily focusing on the classical, European wine areas such as Champagne, Loire, Bourgogne, and Piemonte. Additionally, we also have some wines from overseas, where the wine maker has made especially good wine that suites our courses.
The juice menu consists of juices which we make specially for each dish of the month. We use both fruit and vegetables. A bucketful of acidic apples, a sprig of parsley, sweet cherries, or a colorful beet root. That way the seasonal tastes will not only be served on your plate but also in your glass.

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