Our suppliers

We work closely together with a score of local suppliers, who keep us updated and close to the seasons.


Primarily we receive our vegetables from Kiselgården, where they grow a great variety of organic and biodynamic vegetables. It is a sustainable farm filled with vegetables, root crop, and different kinds of potatoes that all get a lot of nutrition, vitamins and minerals from the rich soil of Zealand. The vegetables are transported directly from the Kiselgård to RADIO, minimizing unnecessary transport and waste time. That is fresh and tasty.


The fruit we use is primarily Danish, where we have good suppliers who deliver everything from acidic apples and sweet strawberries. We continually preserve and pickle fruit, so we have a big storage from which we can add tastes and texture when need. One of our good suppliers are Lilleø Frugt, which it is a small island south of Zealand where more than 40 different and rare sorts of plum, pear, apple, and quince are growing. The trees are being cultivated with care and all the fruits are picked by hand. In season, we receive fruits that have ripened on the trees several times a week directly at our doorstep.

Eggs and dairy

We only use organic eggs and dairy. That is because we believe the taste to be better, and because we wish to do our best at preserving animal welfare.


All the fish we use are caught in Nordic waters, and we only use sustainable fish at RADIO. We follow the World Wide Fund For Nature's color categorization of the fish. On the perspective of sustainability, the fish are given either a green, yellow or red mark, explaining the condition of each species, where and how the fish have been caught etc. The list is dynamic and changes as the conditions for the fish develop.


Our meat is selected because of its taste and quality. We prefer Danish meat, but we do not exclude good quality from e.g. Irish lamb or Iberian pigs. But it is important that the producer has a high level of animal welfare.


We prefer wine makers who have a sustainable and ecological production. We have a distinct preference for the smaller farms where the wine makers have control over the whole production – from working in the fields to the sealed bottle. It is our experience that the greater engagement and passion a wine maker has, the better the taste of the wine will be.
Our wine selection is primarily focusing on the classical, European wine areas such as Champagne, Loire, Bourgogne, and Piemonte. Additionally, we have some wines from overseas, where the wine maker has made especially good wine that suites our courses.


Our beer is from Bryghuset Møn (Brewhouse Møn), that brews organic beer with natural and local ingredients. The malt they use for brewing is harvested from the barley fields just around the brewery.


The coffee we use is delivered by Estate Coffee Copenhagen, where they manually roast beans to get the best aroma and taste. The beans originates from the region Santa Rosa east of Guatemala City. We have chosen a coffee that has the Direct Trade® certificate. This means that all middlemen have been cut away and the grower gets at least 25% more than the Fair Trade minimum price.

Are you a supplier?

We are constantly looking for new products and producers. If you have any products you would like to tell us about, please do not hesitate to contact us at dju@restaurantradio.dk