Our beliefs

At Restaurant RADIO, we enjoy cooking with fish from Danish coasts, the elegant Danish shellfish, and the great meat from Danish fields and forests. However, it is the plant kingdom that is our beacon when setting the menu. When the first Danish asparagus, radishes, and potatoes are dug up, we feel a tingling all over. We love the abundant months of Danish summer where we can feast on the world’s best Danish peas, pointed cabbages, and strawberries. However, we wouldn’t want to be without the harsh months of winter. It’s during this time, that we as chefs and craftsmen face a real challenge. How do we make winter’s kale, beets, and other root vegetables shine bright? It is possible, but it takes skill and innovation – and that motivates us.

Restaurant RADIO stands for less waste and more taste

We want to be a sustainable restaurant. That's why we make everything from scratch. We often order whole animals which we cut up and fillet. We do this to ensure that the whole animal us used, while we get the cuts that we want. The remaining bones we use for soups and stocks – of course. At restaurant RADIO, zero waste is a virtue. We dry, pickle, and ferment, thereby saving a bit of the season’s taste for later. Our pickling cabinet is full of preserves with the tastes of the seasons, allowing us to extend them as we wish. These practices all result in less waste and much more taste – and that’s what it’s all about.