Our beliefs

You will always find dishes with fish and meat on the menu at RADIO, but to us, plant-based produce has always been the point of orientation. We are vegetable-forward because there are endless ways of using them, many great sorts and types, further, most fruit, herbs, and vegetables have a short season and thus guiding stars for our menus.

The transition from winter to spring is a challenge therefore we strive to develop our skillset within root vegetables. In the spring when the ramsons blossom, the ground elder peeks through, the wild hop can be harvested, the first radishes are ready, and we can dig the first potatoes from the ground the nordic kitchen shows its full potential. Despite that, we would not sacrifice the tougher months, because it really challenges the kitchen. Because how do you use root crops in a new way after they have been the primary ingredients for the past months? That is when it gets interesting! Our chefs constantly have to think of new paths, taste combinations, and textures for the vegetables that we all know and use. To us, craftsmanship is presenting a tasteful carrot or potato to you in a new way. This is what motivates us. We hope to enlighten you with the vegetables' many great possibilities.

Food made from scratch 

We are a nose-to-tail restaurant which means using all cuts of the animal. Naturally, we use as much as possible from the produce we receive, everything else counts as food waste. That is why we e.g. use the green top of the leeks to add flavor to our oils, and we make a spread with the cress stem. This way we can use the same vegetable in several courses and on other occasions. Luckily we have a lot of different conservation methods and a pantry with lots of shelves where we store the tastes of the year. When the ramsons blossom, we make oil to freeze and save for later, when the cherries are ripe we preserve them for the winter, and the chanterelles are pickled. That way we can add some extra flavor in winter or textures in summer months.